This is My Ogden

  • The streets of Ogden
    some curiously sequenced
    presidential names.

    Michael Vaughan
  • Railroads and firearms,
    Grew from a background of brown.
    Became quite a town!

    Nate A Favero
  • Buenaventura
    secret tunnels beneath us
    ghostly stories live

    Rachel Mize
  • A blind man's cane taps
    my shoe on the train, and we
    both apologize.

    Mat Wenzel
  • History's railroad
    Linking radiant present
    To shining future

    Allison Palumbo
  • Art and Flow - Public Art Dedication
  • Ogden Mayors Awards in the Arts
  • OFOAM - A Night to Remember
  • WSU Orchestra
  • WSU Shaw Gallery Stroll
  • Public Art
  • First Friday Art Stroll

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First Friday Art Stroll

cover_stroll_guideThe First Friday Art Stroll is held year-round, the first friday of every month where local galleries and venues extend their hours 6pm to 9 pm and host receptions for the public to attend. Admission is FREE

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