This is My Ogden

  • Hiking trails abound
    milkvetch, paintbrush, pentstemon
    blue, scarlet, purple

    Ann Gilbert
  • Is it still in there?
    shot there a long time ago
    China Night arrow

    Janenne Russell
  • Nature and culture
    Warning: If you come to play
    you will want to stay.

    Kay Seamons
  • Start at 36th,
    reverse at 22nd.
    We’re cruisin’ the Vard

    Kathleen Lukken
  • Sweet waffle cone smell,
    ice cream far better within
    kitschy, cool-mint walls.

    R.L. Weston
  • Art and Flow - Public Art Dedication
  • Ogden Mayors Awards in the Arts
  • OFOAM - A Night to Remember
  • WSU Orchestra
  • WSU Shaw Gallery Stroll
  • Public Art
  • First Friday Art Stroll

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First Friday Art Stroll

cover_stroll_guideThe First Friday Art Stroll is held year-round, the first friday of every month where local galleries and venues extend their hours 6pm to 9 pm and host receptions for the public to attend. Admission is FREE

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