Current Stroll Information

Egyptian March

​First Friday Art Stroll Showings - March 3rd, 2017

Bella Muse

–  Bella Muse Gallery is very proud to present “It All Starts Here - The Art of Drawing Exhibition” for our March 3 Gallery Stroll Reception. We will show the drawings and some printmaking of Adrian Van Suchtelen, Bryce Liston, Brandon Cook, Greg Stocks, Lori Putnam, Rick Graham, Doug Braithwaite, Elizabeth Robbins, Shanna Kunz and Stephen Henry.  Reception runs from 6-9, refreshments served.

Bella Muse is located at 101 25th St, Ogden

Color Me Mine

– The newest addition to the Art Stroll line up will be featuring student artists. Their first artist is Makalyn Martinez.  Here is a little about her written in her own hand.

My name is Makalyn Martinez. I am currently attending Fremont high school. I really enjoy art. I have been inspired by many different artist and photography. My artistic style is pencil, paint, ink. I have been drawing since I knew what drawing was. Everyday exactly at 9:00 & 1:00 my favorite artist Bob Ross would come on, and with my little paints from the dollar store. I would try my hardest to replicate his style. I am enrolled in a college art in high school trying to get scholarships. I have entered a lot of art competitions recently. I would love to keep going with art. I believe art is not just something on paper but has an outstanding story to every piece. I am a 16-year-old artist that has followed my strong passion for art. Thank you for this opportunity.

Color Me Mine is located at 188 25th Street, Ogden.

The Eccles Community Art

— Nothing for March.

Gallery 25

-  Featured artist at Gallery 25 is member artist Tonya Hamblin Petersen with her "Super Hero Collection".  Please feel free to dress as your "Super Hero Self" and join us at Gallery 25, public invited to join in and celebrate Super Heroes.
Gallery 25 is located at 268 25th St, Ogden

Gallery at the Station, Union Station

-   Will be extending last month’s exhibit which is paintings by Kindra Fehr. A Fantasy-Realist painter focusing on the human figure and dream like landscapes intermixed with personal iconography.

Ceramic Artist, Heather Tuttle will also be featured. She creates brightly colored whimsical faces, human and animal, that make you smile.

Grounds for Coffee- 25th


- "Voices: Open Mic is hosted at Grounds for Coffee on 25th Street as a venue for performers of spoken word art, poets, storytellers, musicians, and comedians to share their art in a place where they can find support among other artists like them. The organization is run mostly by a group Ogden based youth.

Like others on the Art Stroll they start their program at 6PM and end between 8PM and 9PM depending on attendance. Voices is a perfect place for someone learning how to have an audience receive their work in a safe place."

Grounds for Coffee on Harrison & 30th

- No info given

Imagine Ballet Theatre

- No info given

Jeffery Favero Photography

- No info given

Lavender Vinyl

-  Will be showing the work of Chase Estes as a continuation of curator, Eden Buxton’s, Art as Matter Exhibition.  Lavender Vinyl is located at 123 25th St, Ogden.

Myra Powell Gallery, Union Station

-  In conjunction with our exhibit, The Way We Worked, The Myra Powell Gallery will be displaying a Fiber-works exhibit highlighting Textile Art and all the versatile beauty the medium encompasses.

Nurture the Creative Mind

- Nurture the Creative Mind will be launching our youth designed apparel at the Sign Garage. Tees, sweatshirts, and jackets all available. Nurture is located at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden

Ogden’s Platforms

-  Participating artists: Molly Morin, Alexis Furlong,  Lenka Konopasek, and Jessica Ritter Hollon

Molly Morin: Programming for People: A human-powered algorithmic drawing.

This project will use a set of rules (an algorithm) driven by coin flips and dice rolls to generate a composition within the PLATFORMS matrix. It is a participatory exercise in order and chaos, and an experiment in computer-less coding. You are invited to join me in play to build a work upon best-laid plans, random chance, and human intervention.

Lenka Konopasek

My installation is made from individual silver strips put together in a visual curtain that shimmers and changes according to the air movement. It creates a mirage that reflects and breaks down the surrounding environment. I want the viewer to question what is real and what is perceived.

Alexis Furlong

I am interested in products that are created for ease and single use, whose impacts are infinite.  Their functions are ephemeral, but their material immortal.  Once used, these transient materials are often stowed away, or thrown out to weave and embed themselves into the natural landscape.  The intention of my work is to explore this relationship between the synthetic and the natural by weaving organic forms out of these materials and then installing them into a “synthetic landscape”.

Platforms is an outdoor gallery space located on the corner of Adams and 25th street.

OMOCA the Ogden Museum of Contemporary Art

-  No info given

Pandemonium Gallery

- No info given

Photoshoppe Gallery

-  No info given

Shaw Gallery at Weber State University

- No info given

The Egyptian Theater Foundation

- The Egyptian Theater Foundation will be offering tours of the theater, demos of “The Mighty Wurlitzer” the theater’s pipe organ and selling historic seat backs from the theater. Tours start at 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm and 8pm.

The Local Artisan Collective

-.  This month we are featuring the artist Susan Snyder, M.S., who is an Ogden artist, naturalist, and environmental educator who spent a decade teaching at Ogden Nature Center. Illustrated nature journaling is her preferred medium. “Drawing from life teaches me to stop and really see what is happening in the world that around us. Nature isn’t a place to go. It’s where we live,” she says. Susan has won state and national awards for her environmental education work, and has taught nature journaling classes for children, adults, and teachers throughout Utah. Susan’s nature-themed watercolors will be available in the shop, where she offers art classes for adults and children throughout the year. She lives in Ogden with her husband, their cat, and the neighborhood crows and scrub jays, for whom she sets out breakfast every morning.

We love to support teens to love art. This month’s featured school is South Ogden Junior High School 7th to 9th grade. We are excited to see their great art.

Who wants to try some yummmmmmmy Jujuroo Popcorn? Nicole Willmore Hileman and Bethany Condie will be handing out samples and getting everyone excited about their flavor of the month.

We will also have our fun Muddy Buddy class happening. This class is taught by Barb Crosbie from Earth in Art Pottery. You can register online at by clicking on the calendar or coming into the store to register at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

One of our amazing authors Susan Lehmann will be signing her books Echoes from the Mind and 25 Ways to Drive Your Mom Crazy.

The Collective is located at 2421 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

The Parlour Ogden

- We will have illustrations and graphic art by Manuel Garcia on display at the Parlour.

The Parlour is located at 2562 Washington Blvd, Ogden.

Utah Gem Gallery

-  Utah Gem Gallery will be featuring watercolor artist Alison Benjamin. Alison is a self-taught watercolor artist inspired by nature, introspection, and her father.  Her untraditional style is an insight into her tendency to “paint outside the lines” and “live outside the box.”  She has an eye for design, pattern, color, and movement.  Her art is symbolic, intuitive, and holds a mystical message.  She paints each piece knowing that it will eventually end up in the perfect place to inspire, awaken, and help empower.

Utah Gem Gallery is located at 4850 Harrison Blvd, Ogden

Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

-  No info given

*This is small listing of the many different galleries whom participate in the stroll each month. There is much more to be enjoyed.